The Facility is a premiere dance training studio, open to all levels of dancers. Whether a career dancer, a first time child dancer or a recreational dancer, The Facility offers unique classes and top industry-leading teachers and choreographers. The Facility will push each individual to take their training and talents beyond the walls of the studio. This is a place where success is made.

Welcome to The Facility.


The main goal of The Facility is to create a space that would promote creativity and be a perfect canvas for dance. The venue features custom-built wood-sprung floors. The floors are specially designed to absorb shock, provide extra spring, and  soften the impact for dancers. The venue is set up to host dance classes, events, and video recording sessions.

The Facility has two main dance studios - the Steel Room and the Brick Room. Each studio has a high performance sound system, wood sprung floors, and video recording capabilities.  The lobby has two monitors, each showing a live feed of the classes.

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The Facility Dance Studio

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