Beginner level classes are designed for a new dancers, dancers with limited exposure to dance or someone who hasn’t danced in a while and is trying to get back into the dance life. Most of the movement taught in this class is to whole counts and limited half counts, and any type of repetitive to non-repetitive movement. Beginner level classes are a great way to get familiar with a style and genre of dance.


Intermediate classes are for dancers who have a grasp on whole and half counts. Dancers at this level have the ability to move their body to the rhythm of a song. Classes will be taught at a faster pace than a beginning level class, and combinations will be taught quicker.


A dancer at the advanced level has the ability to understand musicality of a song by and showcasing it throughout their body. Every movement and routine/combination in class is at its highest level within each genre of dance.


Master classes are special classes, typically longer than a regular class and taught by top choreographers and teachers in the industry. As a dancer in this level you are expected to have the knowledge of all of the following: whole counts, half counts, rhythms, musicality, and style. The movement in this class is the most challenging.

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