The Facility is currently closed. Upon reopening, we will take a conservative approach to protect the health & safety of our dance family. We will take the necessary precautions to provide a safe environment. Below is our plan of what you can expect when we reopen.


Anyone entering The Facility will be required to wear a face mask. Face masks are required during classes.  



To maintain distance at building doors, customers will use a separate entrance and exit. The entrance is the back lobby door. The exit is through the door in the hallway near 9 Rounds.



Due to the size of the front lobby, we will no longer use this entrance while social distancing is in place. The back lobby will serve as a lobby for both studios. The back lobby is large and will allow for 6’ distance. 


The desks will have sneeze guards to protect between customers and desk staff. 



We require all dancers to register and check-in online before they arrive at the studio to guarantee space in the class. We encourage registrations at least one hour before class. Walk-ins will be accepted but space is not guaranteed. 


If you are unsure how to check in online, please email at We encourage any account questions/issues to be sent by email to studio before arriving to limit the amount of time at the desk.

The desk area will have a sneeze guard to limit exposure when speaking to staff.



Due to the limited spots in class, any no shows will be charged for class. If you are not able to attend class after you register, you must cancel within 30 minutes prior to class. 



  • All classes will follow the social distance guidelines of 6 ft between dancers. The Steel Room capacity is 18 people. The Brick room capacity is 7 people.

  • Classes will refrain from using choreography that has floorwork (with the exception of breaking).   

  • Dancers must refrain from sitting or leaning against mirrors and walls. 

  • Class times will be 45 minutes.

  • Footwear (shoes or socks) must be worn at all times, no bare feet.

  • Doors will be left open during class to help with ventilation.



The Facility has always prided itself on running a clean studio. We are now taking it to a new level. Our nightly cleaning regime will include sanitizing floors in both studios & the back lobby area, wiping all surfaces, door handles, cleaning mirrors, computers, and sound system.


Between classes, we will sanitize door handles & all necessary surfaces throughout the studio. For those classes that must use the floor (ie breaking), floors will be cleaned with disinfectant before and after class. 



Cleaning stations with wipes & sanitizers will be set up near any high touch areas such as lobby seating, storage cubbies, door handles and music equipment. Hand sanitizers will be available throughout studio. We encourage customers to wash hands. Staff will be required to keep hands clean. 



The back lobby lounge area is currently closed. 


  • Staff to assist with retail items such as waters and clothing to limit customers from touching. 

  • We will not provide paper schedules, all schedules will be digital.

  • We prefer credit cards over cash. Staff will wear gloves when handling money.



We will no longer keep lost items. At the end of class, staff will clear the room of all personal items to help avoid items being left behind. Any item left at studio will be disposed of at end of day. We encourage all personal items to be left at home or in car.



Staff will be instructed to stay home if feeling unwell, having a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19. We will make sure to have an adequate supply of paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer to allow employees to practice proper hand hygiene. Employees will be asked to wash hands on arrival at the studio, after touching their mask, after using the restroom and when leaving. 


All dancers will be required to sign a waiver indicating they are symptom free. 

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