Refusal Right

The Facility Dance Studio has the right to refuse service to customers who cause a disturbance to the studio.

Food & Drink

Food, drink and gum are not permitted in the dance studios. Water is the exception. All dancers should bring water with them to class. Water may be purchased from the front desk.  

Age Requirements

Students must enroll in classes for their age level. If students wish to enroll in a class for a higher age level, they must have approval from the teacher and studio management. The minimum age to attend an adult class is 18 years old.

Youths are not allowed in studio without a teacher. Youths should wait in lobby until teacher has arrived.


Class levels are Intro, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. Class levels are determined by teaching pace, difficulty of technique and/or challenge of choreography.  

Class Length

All classes will end five minutes before the hour or half hour.


Class Minimum

All adult classes must have a minimum of two student to run by the 15 minute mark. If there is only one student signed up, the teacher has the option to cancel class. If the class runs with one student, it will start after 15 minutes and  be a 45 minute class.


Youth classes need a minimum of two students registered for session to run. If two youths are not signed up after two weeks, the session will not run.

Substitutes & Cancellations

Last minute substitute teachers will be assigned if a teacher is not able to attend class. Classes will cancelled only if we can not find an appropriate teacher  with equivalent level, style or genre of the class. 


No recording of classes, unless permitted by teacher or choreographer.

Parent Observation

Parents are welcome to observe from the lobby, unless invited into the studio by the teacher. This policy does not apply to the baby & toddler classes.

Personal Hygiene

In respect to fellow patrons, we ask that all class attendees have proper hygiene. Towels are recommended to keep sweat off the floors.


Athletic shoes should be worn for most classes. All shoes should have

non-marking soles and must be clean. Heel caps are required on all heels (you will be held responsible for damages caused by nails pushing through heels).

Class Items

Items such as towels, water bottles, appropriate foot wear (heels, jazz shoes, non-marking sole shoes), and knee pads are the responsibility of the dancer to bring.


Animals are not allowed in studio at any time. If you require a service animal, please contact management.

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